Flyron Sports Armband // Product Review

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Hi, readers!  It’s another wonderful day over here in my neck of the blog woods, and for you all, I have a nice little review post.  I love review posts!  Recently, I have been working on being able to do some more of these types of posts, and first on my reviewing agenda, this nice little sports armband that I received courtesy of Flyron and


I was sent this Flyron Sports Armband for the iPhone 5/6 & Galaxy free in return for an honest review.  I have never had any experience with phone/mp3 armbands.  I have seen plenty of them at the gym and I have thought a time or two about getting one for myself.  When the opportunity came up to try one, I jumped on it.  I am in the gym working out plenty and I get tired of toting my phone around from one machine to the next in the little zipper pouch that I usually have it in.  This was no doubt going to come in handy.


At the gym, I found it was best for me to use the Flyron sports band while on the cardio machines.  I tried to use it when doing weights, but usually I have an app that I follow while doing these types of exercises.  I needed to use my phone more hands on to scroll through my exercises, and enter in my stats while using my weight lifting app, so for that particular type of exercising, the armband wasn’t as handy.  Now for when I have cardio to do and no app exercises to follow, the armband was wonderful!  I could put some music on and sweat away, not worrying that my headphones were going to fall out because the phone was resting in the cardio machine’s cup holder, far away from my ears, which is where I usually keep it.  Having my phone on my arm was the perfect place for it to be.

Flyron band

I found another use for this though, and in addition to the gym, I think it will be getting a lot of use out in the vineyard while I am pulling weeds or picking grapes.  I keep my phone in my pocket, when I have pockets, while outside working.  It’s bulky and I get way too sweaty so my phone usually ends up in the house.  It is nice to have some music to listen to while out doing monotonous yard work, and it’s nice to have a better place than a sweaty pocket to keep your phone while listening to said music, or even just while waiting to get a phone call.  This arm band makes the phone use completely hands free, and I really enjoyed having it on while I was out working in the yard.

Flyron Sports Armband

I had no problems with the armband moving around, or getting in the way.  It was comfortable to wear even considering it’s size.  The material stayed dry and kept my phone dry while it was on.  I had full access to my screen through the armband case, and I was able to put my phone inside of it with my preexisting phone case still on.  I am very pleased with this product and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a way to carry their phone while exercising or working without it being in the way or inside of a pocket.  And really, considering the size of some phones, how do they even fit in pockets?

I can say I am a new armband phone wearer.  I am happy I was able to review this product.  Oh, and it even comes with a free iPhone 6 glass screen protector, and the armband has a nice little key holder on it.  Should you want one for yourself, you can find it here on Amazon.

*I received this product for free in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own and all opinions are 100% honest.    

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