Week two of school is just about in the books, and week one of a full school work week (well minus Monday).  I feel it today.  In fact, it just may be another round of coffee kind of day.  I woke up very tired, probably from the mental and physical drain of the week.  Mental, because of the back to school part; teaching is fun, but a lot of work, yes.  And then there is the ever present physical part of the week – all that gym time.  I even took it easy, mostly body weight exercises, but I haven’t been this sore in months.  I’m ready for bed, and my day is only a third of the way done.  How was everyone else’s week?  Anything exciting going on?  Here is the rest of my week for this Friday’s post.


Let’s see, after a family fun Sunday in Nashville, Monday was nice being more close to home.  My guy was off, so the boy and I took the day off as well.  I spent most of my time picking grapes and cleaning up the house from the three day weekend, and there was also plenty of yard work done by some of us (I was not one of them).  This was the best grape picking day ever, just under 8 gallons!  I was very surprised.  Now, I am kind of in a position where I HAVE to make wine; I just about don’t have any freezer space left.  This will be remedied this weekend though, cause I already have a big chunk of my refrigerator filled with defrosting fruit.  Sunday is the day to crush and press batch one of this growing season.


Tuesday was a full day of school work.  I am really liking this year’s schedule though, and I especially like the fact that my boy is doing a lot of his work on the computer.  Algebra in particular.  I don’t have to grade any of it!  One less thing to grade is always a wonderful thing for me as a teacher.  And the Teaching Textbooks computer program we are using is great. Basically, the bulk of my grading will be in the form of English work, but I’ve been there done that for years and years, so it is nothing new to me.

Wednesday, another full day of school work, and finally we got some much needed rain around here.  This day found me with a little less time than usual as it was a traveling school day.  I woke up tired, and didn’t do as well as I could have meal planning, but I surprised myself and still managed to have a home cooked dinner waiting for us when the boy’s gymnastics class was over.


Thursday, there was not enough time this day.  Before I knew it, it was time for the gym and not a thing in my house had gotten done.  We started this day early and away from home.  I picked more grapes, and found that some our Carlos variety were getting ripe.  I wasn’t expecting this, as I had never seen them ripe before.  It was pretty exciting!  The rest of our day was full of school work and then it was my longest gym day of the week.  Two classes and some arm work.  Perhaps this day is the reason I am so worn out for today.


Oh, and how can I forget one more thing, my car hit 100,000 miles yesterday.  It’s kind of a big deal for me when this happens, I always have to get a picture.  Five years, two months, 100,000 miles.  I am hoping for another 100,000.  It can happen, our Bonneville ended up with 270,000 when we finally got rid of her.


Now for today.  School is in progress, my laundry is finally being tended to, and due to a lack of inspiration for dinner ideas, my suggestion for something out is a go.  Looks like we’ll be eating in the city this evening.  Hey, I will take less kitchen work any day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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