What?  It is already well into October, isn’t it?  I know, I know, I never posted anything for September.  I didn’t even forget, I just never got any photos taken.  It was a bad month for me, photogenically speaking.  I was having one of those ‘bad hair’ days for all of three weeks it seemed.  I like to use the term ‘bad hair day‘ to include all forms of physical appearance.  I am finally feeling better about myself, and finally ready to show you all what I have worn lately that was thrifted.

And actually my ‘bad hair day’ may have started earlier that I am thinking.  I remember now that I didn’t even get a proper outfit photo post up for the last month’s Thursday Thrift either.  I was a headless, polka dot dress wearing body.  Sorry about that.  Let me make it up this month, how about another polka-dotted dress, but this time with my head included?  Here you go:

Express dress

thrifted fashion blog

I have loved this dress since the day I got it.  It didn’t even matter that it was a little on the snug side when I did.  I knew I would fit into it eventually, and this was the week – almost two years later.  I tried it on after months and months of ignoring it, and am very happy to say it fits!  I will never turn down polka dots, and I may be accumulating quite a collection of them.  You can never have too many polka dots, I always say.

On a different note but back to that feeling lately of being not so photogenic, it isn’t always easy taking pictures of yourself.  The funny thing is that I have gotten more used to taking my own photos than I am of my guy taking them for me.  I feel like I can be a little more at ease taking them myself, but then I run the risk of having them always looking somewhat the same.  I am trying to work on this, but since I just signed myself up for a year in outfit photos, which I am trying to have happen on a weekly basis, I don’t know how original I will get.  Not everyday calls for a drive to some location other than my backyard.  If all else fails, I can just overly edit my monotonously posed photos.  Sounds good to me.  I may end up a better Photo Shopper than photographer at the rate I am going.  But I am happy to be back posting about outfits and thrited finds either way.  Until next time (which is only one week away), happy thrifting!

Instagram edited outtake
Of course there are outtakes!

Details:  Dress – Express (yard sale) || Shoes – Old Navy || Necklace – made by me

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