The Rain Didn’t Ruin Our Night


I wrote maybe a month ago about something that my guy and I got invited to, kind of like a work related outing.  His boss was kind enough to get us two tickets to an annual local event, and it was expected to be worth the night out.  I got a pretty new dress and a  pair of shoes out of it, and my guy even got a nice, new suit.

Well, the day of the affair started out rainy.  Not just a little bit of a drizzle either, pouring rain.  It seemed like it was all day pouring rain.  What wonderful weather for satin shoes, metallic dresses and done up hair!  Those were my thoughts.

The evening finally came, and we made our way in the rain without too much cause for concern.  I made sure we had a working umbrella.  (Our umbrellas are always broken.)  The rain did let up just long enough for the few stops we had to make on our way.  Once we got there, I didn’t even have to worry too much about what would have happened if the rain spoiled my evening attire – there was a kind man with an umbrella, who was very quick on his feet, that was eagerly escorting the ladies into the ballroom.  (Did I mention this was a fancy occasion for us?)

We got into the lobby and managed to skip most of the obligatory pictures that were being taken.  With the exception of two that we posed for, I hope we don’t end up as backgrounds to someone else’s photos from the night.  (I found pics online from the event for the local newspaper, and so far so good, we aren’t in any of them.  Although, I am sure the pictures they were taking would have come out much better than what we took, so maybe we should have posed for a few more.)

We got to enjoy ‘heavy hors d’oeuvres’, a wine bar, and people watching at its finest.  Anyone who thought they were someone was in attendance – except for us of course, because we really are just nobodies.  I say this without really knowing who the majority of the attendees were.  All I know is that there were lots of people dressed very well, most of which we figured were lawyers and local upstanding businessmen and women who were happy to promote and donate to the downtown cause.

It was a very nice evening.  I wasn’t over or under dressed.  I successfully made it through the night with my high heels on, and even found that not only can I walk in high heels, but also dance.  My guy surprised me completely when he made the offer to his fellow employee to start off the dancing if he and his wife were game; he totally thought they wouldn’t go for it, but they did.  So the only two couples on the dance floor, the very first to show that there was in fact a dance floor, and it was us.  (Maybe we are in some photos, somewhere, after all?!)  Well, even with our lack of dance floor moves, I think we did alright.  There was a pretty good band from Nashville playing and there were even a few good dancers in the crowd.  Like I said, people watching at its finest!

We had a lot of fun, as anti-social as we really are.  The food was good, we had some drinks, and even forgot all about the pouring rain outside!  If only I had better pictures form the night.  Blurry iPhone photos are about all I got.




4 Replies to “The Rain Didn’t Ruin Our Night”

  1. Any excuse to get dressed up makes for a good time! I bet almost everyone in attendance was thinking like you & your guy, imagining the others as VIP ‘somebodies.’ 🙂 People-watching is one of my favorite activities, and it sounds like this was a hot spot for it. Glad you had fun!


    1. It is an annual event, so maybe next year we will have another opportunity to go again. I hadn’t thought that others could possible be thinking the same about us. We may have been ‘VIP somebodies’ to someone… 😉


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