For a Friday

Currently, I have three, half done blog posts in my drafts folder. Instead of finishing one of them, I give you these random words for a Friday afternoon.

I knew when April started, that it was gonna be a busy month. My Iphone calendar has so many prompts for me and it seems like I have to check it almost daily. Not to mention all of the changing and rearranging of events.

School is getting close to being over with and most of my free time is being consumed by this. One thing I do not want to start summer break with is homework! (The homework of having to finish up grading papers, so I am staying on top of it… for the most part.) This month we are also getting in our share of field trips, so at least it isn’t all just busy work we are doing.

It rained again yesterday, that is the whole month of Thursdays with rain. There was a possibility of severe weather, but it ended up just being lots and lots of rain, whew! I am not a fan of severe weather. Today is a nice and chilly 40-something compared to the whole week of 80. One good thing about 80 degree weather is that everything will be green again very soon. The grass and the kudzu have started to green up just in the last few days. It will be completely beautiful again in West Tennessee in no time.

A downside to the warm and green would have to be my allergies. Either that or I am fighting off a slight cold. I don’t feel like I am sick, but my sinuses and throat are not 100%. It’s kind of like a cold without the discomfort of one.

Is this enough rambling for you all yet? Not a lot of direction with today’s thoughts. I am coming close to the end of my free time and I feel like I probably should have written something a bit better than this. Oh, well, maybe the next one…

Here, have a gander at a few photos from the last week, and I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Loving the new backyard!


Another year of blooms on my azalea.


Bird watching at a New Johnsonville wildlife reserve.


Day turns to night out in the yard.

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