My post is even on a Friday!  I am surprised, but not really.  The time change has me with a bit of extra time this evening, and I spent some of it walking in the cool dark night.  It has finally cooled down, and I love the crisp evening air.  It was in the 80’s last week with lots of humidity and then there has been a lot of rain lately too.  I was so tired of the dreary weather; then yesterday the sun came out.  It was lovely today!

A little bit of the everyday was a brief summation of this week.  School, the gym, sewing, cleaning, and for the first time in about a month, I had something to do with wine.  It’s time to start racking the summer harvest and today I did two batches: one from this summer and one from earlier in the year.  Next week I will have a couple more to do and so on probably until the end of the month.  I will try not to post too much about that, but don’t hold me to it, I love my wine making hobby!

Another hobby I am loving right now, dress making.  That’s nothing new though.  I have said it before, November is my most productive sewing month and this year is no exception.  I made two more dresses this week, one to post to the shop this weekend, and one for me because all the sewing I’ve been doing lately can’t just be for others, can it?  I kind of love the both of them though, and it’s gonna be hard to let the one go, but I am hoping it sells, and it’d be great if it sold as quickly as my other one did.  I had some pattern problems as far as sizing goes this week, but I am happy to say that has been resolved and I’ll be hard at work getting a couple more other sizes added the the shop before the weekend is over.

What else can I say about this week… The cat is still around and her name has changed.  It is now Mittens.  All the boy’s doing.  I pet her this week for the first time, and she continues to follow us on our daily walks and the porch seems to be her place of residence.  She likes to perch on the boy’s neck while he walks the dog.  For me, she just likes to interrupt my so-called-photo shoots.  Agh, cats!  She is starting to grow on me though.  I did at one time really love cats.  Tennessee changed me as far as that goes.

Definitely an outtake and definitely I need a haircut. Oh, and the camera is probably what has added the extra pounds. That’s my story anyway.

And that is the 411 of my life this week.  I have a bunch of fall pictures to edit this weekend, so those should be showing up soon, and I may even have a Me-Made-Monday post up this coming week.  That is if the sunshine sticks around…

Have a wonderful weekend, readers, and thanks for continuing to stop by.  🙂

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