Feb Faves

I have come to realize that I really like February.  Not just because it’s the month that we ski/snowboard when we do decide to take such a trip, but because February is a wonderful month to shop.  This may be the first time I realized how many deals are to be had in this particular month.  And, these things that I have bought lately have just made me so happy that I want to tell everyone about them.  So I am calling this post February Favorites because these are a few of my favorite things – right now – in February.

Feb Faves 1

Let me start off with Forever 21 and workout wear.  I never would have thought that the two would go hand in hand.  I had some free time one Saturday night, and an iPad all to myself, so I decided to do a little window shopping.  I was looking for some lounge wear and google brought me to the Forever 21 site.  I’ve been in this store many a time and never once found anything that I thought was specific for the gym, such as sports bras and workout leggings – maybe it’s been too long since I have actually been into one of these stores, or maybe I just only look at dresses and sweaters when I am in one.  Yeah, that is probably it: I tend to only shop for dresses and sweaters in Forever 21.  Well, on their website I found such an assortment of sports tops and workout leggings I almost couldn’t help myself.  And, I found a particular pair of both that were very similar to a couple of other brands that I oh so wanted, but would never get due to the outrageous prices.  (Lululemon, I wish you were more affordable for my budget.)  These above are just  a couple of the things I got from the site, and I only just received them so I haven’t gotten to try them out properly; but just going on looks and feels, they are wonderful.  Plus, I couldn’t have found them at a better price.  Forever 21, you are a welcome favorite on my list this month.

Feb Faves 2

Next, pertaining to health and beauty, I have two things: an iron supplement and some face cream.  Both of which are current favorites in my life right now as well.  I tend to be borderline anemic, and after realizing that I wasn’t keeping up with my regular supplements a few weeks back (and feeling absolutely fatigued for several weeks before that), I decided to try a different iron supplement in liquid form.  I’m a big fan of Garden of Life products, so when I came across this one I thought I’d give it a try.  I noticed a difference in a week’s time after taking this.  I have more energy, I feel a lot less tired, and I even think I look a little more bright-eyed lately.  Another favorite item of the month indeed, and one that will be staying around even beyond the month of February.  I am going to be stocking up on this stuff for sure.

As for the face cream, when we were on the ski slopes last week, my skin felt the effects of the cool mountain breeze, and most days I came off of the mountain with sunburned looking cheeks; except I wasn’t sunburned, I was windburned.  The first day we stopped at a local drugstore and I got some of this Yes To Cucumbers moisturizer to try out, and guess what?  It did help, right away.  This is my first experience with this brand, and I am pretty happy with it so far.  My skin instantly felt soothed and even though I was sure I was gonna look like I had tomato red cheeks for most of the trip, the redness went away.  What a great find!

Feb Faves 3

Lastly, of my current favorites, I found myself some nice looking handbags.  Proper, grown-up handbags rather than canvas or corduroy messenger bags that I tend to like the most and only buy.  These are what made me come to the realization that February is my favorite month to shop.  All of these bags for less than $25.00.  It probably helped some that I got them at Kohl’s on super clearance, and that I had a little bit of Kohl’s Cash.  Even so, what a month for new favorites, and what a month for sales!

I wonder if any of the online fabric stores have any sales going on?  I am on a shopping roll after all…

Now to you, where are some of your favorites stores to find deals?  Let me know in the comments.


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