Big blog news this week!  Dun da da dun… I updated my theme!  It’s always a big deal for me when this happens.  I find so many that I like, just to be disappointed once I demo my site with all these themes that never work out.  This day was different.  The very first one I saw and tried was the one!  I even liked the default tagline should my header not end up working; and wouldn’t ya know, my header wouldn’t work.  You see – I’ve complained about this before – WordPress gives you header parameters for each theme, then with some themes it resizes down what you upload, just to stretch the resize back up to the suggested size.  Of course it’s blurry!  My guy was able to look at the code and tell me what it was resizing to, so I then went to Photoshop and made my header accordingly.  Voila, it’s now perfect!

And that was my Thursday.  I did also go into Jackson to take some pictures, go to Sam’s, and take my boy to his personal finance class.

The rest of my week was pretty uneventful.  I took the boy to Franklin on Monday for a dentist appointment.  Tuesday and Wednesday were all about school.  And today, Friday, I am racking more wine, doing more school, and cleaning up the house.  Plus, I need to do a bit more grocery shopping and take the dog to the groomers.  Fun times!!  But since this weekend is a hunting weekend for my guys, and all the wine will be racked, and most the grapes will be picked, I should be able to spend some time in front of my sewing machine.  I’m pretty excited about that.  Although, I don’t really know what I should make, aside from working on my quilt that is.  I will probably have a better idea as it gets closer to Sunday.

Nothing else to read about here.  I’m off for the day.  Have a wonderful Friday, and if you have a second please tell me what you think about my new theme.  Biggest perk, I can post bigger pictures again, woo hoo!!

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