Project Organization is well under way, and I am right in the middle of it.  However, currently the house is a mess; things are everywhere!  The contents of closets are in the living room, there is a line of things awaiting a trip to the attic, and a box factory exploded in our garage.  Yes, as of this moment, that is the state of my life.  I am pretty happy about it all though.  It started last Sunday.

We went to IKEA, need I say more?  Never mind my sewing plans, I probably couldn’t even get to my sewing machine if I wanted to.

My boy has been wanting a new bed for awhile now, and since last weekend had rain in the forecast, meaning no outdoor activities, my guy suggested we go get the boy a bed.  It was a happy day for me.  We put the camper shell on the truck, and headed west.  We were just in time for brunch, and Sweedish meatballs it was.  First time eating at IKEA, and it wasn’t bad for a free meal.  (Spend over $100 and your food is on them.  We should have eaten more, ha ha.)  We found a bed, a few pictures, some glassware, and some random little things: plug in stuff and light bulbs.  Needless to say we didn’t leave empty handed, and came home with the rest of the day to put stuff together.  This is how half of what is in my living room ended up there.

Monday, I had the great idea to clean up and arrange my room some.  I’ve had a corner stacked with the contents of a cabinet that I got rid of almost two months ago.  It was kind of embarrassing how much time has passed with me not even touching it.  Into my closet it went, until Thursday.

Tuesday there was more school than there was reorganizing, and I spent a good amount of time grading and editing photos on the computer.  Wednesday looked a lot like Tuesday, except I also, really quickly, got the lawn mower out and mowed the weeds around my blueberries and swept the driveway.

Thursday morning, I decided that my closet needed organizing and that is how everything else ended up out of place, but my shoes all have shelves now, so I am pretty happy about that.

Probably the worst pic I’ve ever posted on the blog, sorry.

In addition to all of this, my guy and I had a nice Thursday night out, I had lunch with my niece, the boy had a full week of work despite the town being on fall break, and I made it to the gym AND lifted weights several days in a row.  I’m paying for it today, as my legs are quite sore this morning and have been pretty much all week.

Now, I have a garage full of boxes that must be tended to and an old mattress to get rid of.  I’m feeling pretty good with the progress I’ve made so far, and have time this next week to probably get a little more done.  My house will be organized and clean in no time…

I hope so anyway.

One Reply to “The 41st Friday of 2017”

  1. Erika you’re inspiring me to go through my closet and get things organized in there. I really need to do it. Since I had a week off of work this week I could have had it all finished. I have mostly been relaxing all week. Well maybe next week I can start on it. 🤓


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