The week went by fast, too fast if you ask me.  I will start my weekly recap with Sunday – Sewing Sunday as I like to call it.  I finished a dress, which you all probably already knew since I posted about that stuff on Monday.  Also on Sunday, we booked a last minute, unplanned tripped to the beach.  I’m pretty excited about this!  Our last ‘unplanned‘ beach trip was really fun.  We got a condo across from the beach and it even has a pool should the weather not be exactly beach friendly, meaning in case it rains and I looked yesterday and there is rain in the forecast while we are there.  I hope it changes.  If the Alabama weather forecast is anything like the Tennessee forecast, it will probably change.

Monday was my traveling day this week.  I was the designated ‘milk lady’ for my group of friends since our regular ‘milk lady’ was out of town.  I had to go to the farm our milk comes from and pick it up for everyone.  Since it was close to where my boy works on Mondays, I drove him to work on my way home.  This took a good chunk out of my day so I really didn’t do much else exciting except order a computer online for the boy which ended up being a very big headache come Tuesday morning.  Long story short, the company cancelled my order and when I found out about it the next day, there was a lot of time spent on hold, and two failed attempts to try and order it again.  Finally, we got the problem solved, but I was very irritated over the whole thing.  Tuesday did not start out on the right foot.

Ready for pizza!

Tuesday and Wednesday were the major school days of the week.  Plenty to do with that always, and we had a little school pizza party on Wednesday, which was kind of last minute, but a great mid-week, mood-boosting activity.  Another great mid-week activity, being invited to a friends for spaghetti dinner.  The boy had to work, so he missed out but he instead did this:

Crazy!  Had we not been eating spaghetti, my guy and I would have seen it first hand.  I don’t know though, the more extreme his tumbling gets, the more I think I like seeing it on camera rather than in person.  Really though, I do enjoy watching him do what he does, and he just gets better every week.

(I really like this dress I found from the Collectif brand.  Going on the dress wishlist, to make or to buy…)

Thursday I was hit with no motivation to want to do anything at all.  I did do some things around the house, and may or may not have spent some time looking at dresses online (okay, I wasted time looking at dresses online), but overall I was exhausted and it was an unproductive day.  After talking to my niece earlier in the week, I think it could have something to do with a lack of vitamin D.  There is a reason I feel so down when the sun doesn’t shine for days!  I read some on it, and it’s way more common than I thought to be vitamin D deficient, and I haven’t been outside more than a few minutes at a time in the sunshine since September.  Today is bright, and even on the warm side, so I think I will be eating lunch on the back deck.  Maybe even do some school out there too.  It won’t hurt that’s for sure.

Overall, I feel great, by the way, and today has gotten off to a wonderful start.  I have my usual Friday of laundry, cleaning up, etc., and there will be a little extra time in the kitchen for me today as well.  I’m making chicken noodle soup for tomorrow night and I’m making a casserole for dinner tonight.  Plenty to do for sure so I best be on my way with the rest of the day.

Have a great one, everybody!

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