I’ve been blogging for eight years this month.  I knew that November was my blogiversary, but I had forgotten that it had been that long since I got this little ol’ blog of mine up and running.  Monday, WordPress reminded me, and I am happy to still be around the blogosphere.  And thanks to all you long time, occasional, and new readers.  I may not hear much from you, but I know you are around.  🙂

Today, I didn’t want to just post about blogging, so let me get to it.  I’m talking about fall – my favorite time of the year here in the Mid-South.  It’s beautiful!  The colors of fall are really what make it my favorite, and the fact that the weather has gone from humid and uncomfortable to cooler and enjoyable.  One downside to this time of the year, however, is the sometimes constant cloud cover.  I can handle maybe two dreary days before I start to miss the sunshine.  Sometimes we have no sun for a week.  In fact these pictures I have for today were all taken under cloud cover.  Sometimes, cloudy skies make for some good picture taking, but I’m about ready to see the sunshine again.

How’s fall looking where you are?  Any color left?  Most of these pics are at least a couple of weeks old; the first one is a month old.  As we speak, most of the beauty of fall is about gone.

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