I feel like it was such a productive week, ya’ll!  (I know, I said I would never use that word again; but I couldn’t help it.)  I’m a happy grape grower this week.  Lot’s and lots of muscadines were picked, and as of right now I have three inquiries for some pretty good amounts of grapes.  Plus, my brand new – bigger and better – wine press was shipped out today, and soon I will be starting with this year’s wine.  I am very exited!

What else can you make with muscadines? Extract? Why not…

School is also going very well, so far, and I’ve gotten out of my introverted comfort zone a bit and have been socializing online some.  Aside from the blog I don’t do much of this. Again, let me say, it was a good week!  I only wished that there was a little less rain, cause I, oh, so wanted to get out and take some pictures on Thursday, but the remnants of hurricane Harvey hit Thursday afternoon and it rained!  So.  Much.  Rain.  But not as much as I was expecting.  Back in 2010 we had three days of nonstop rain, it was starting to worry me some, and I was expecting something like that this weekend.  We didn’t even get a tornado warning, so that was good; and the sun came out this afternoon which was even better.

Really, that was my week: school, rain, online socializing, and picking grapes.  I am planning on starting my first batch of wine for the season this weekend, and I have three muscadine orders I need to pick for.  The two guys in my life are going to have a busy weekend as well, but that’s okay with me, and they don’t mind it either.  We’re just here making memories, and that’s fine with me.

I made fried okra for dinner. Who am I?
Have a great weekend everyone!


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