We’ve had a vineyard on the family property for four years now, and this year is the first year my guy and I are pruning.  Not that this is the first year of pruning, but it is just the first year that we are having anything to do with it.  I figured I needed to learn how to do it myself sooner or later, and like a lot of things sooner is sometimes better than later.


There really wasn’t much too it, even despite my thinking that I somehow was doing it wrong.  I’m sure it can be done wrong, but I was assured more than one time not to worry and just cut what I thought needed to be cut.  It’s on the new growth that the fruit comes in, so that explains why so much needs to be taken off this time of the year.  After watching a YouTube video, my guy got the hang of it right away, which was great for me because, like I said, just another person to reassure me that I was doing it right.



There is plenty left to prune, we didn’t get all of it done yesterday; and I think by this time next week, the rest of this phase of muscadine farming will be done.  Next on the list will be to plant another row and fill in some of the plants that didn’t make it last year.



It’s a different kind of work for me, being a muscadine farmer, but I am very much enjoying it and I am looking forward to seeing what this summer’s harvest brings.

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