This Week as Seen by What I’ve Worn

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Hello, hello!  I could have made this one be this week as seen by the last five photos on my iPhone, but I basically did that last week, so this time I thought to make it a little different.  I, as diligently as I could, took outfit photos for the week to use for this Friday’s post.  Something I have done before, but it’s been awhile.  You know what else has been awhile?  Me taking any pictures on my camera.  Besides these outfit photos, the only ones I have are from the snow day at the beginning of last month.  I think a photo outing is in order, and it is so not like me not to have any less than 378 pictures for one month on my camera.

I will start with Monday because Sunday we spent part of the day working outside and I didn’t want to take a pic of my old jeans and working outside boots.  Our family of three was helping to work on a retaining wall, and what I wore that day was nothing special.  (Not that what I wear on other days is anything special either, by the way.)



It was a long and loud day of school.  Followed by a very quiet afternoon alone.  It’s not that strange of a thing lately to have the house to myself in the afternoon now that my boy is working, but this particular day seemed different.  Too quiet.  I don’t know what it was, but the silence definitely stood out.  I could have put some music on, or turned the TV on and watched my 2016 video again, (I’ve probably watched it once a day up until last weekend) but I didn’t.  Instead I sat down and graded papers – the responsible, school teacher thing to do – until it was time for the gym.  It did feel good to get some of that grading out of the way so early in the week.



Another day at school and another day close to home.  This was a longer day for me as far as school related things go.  We started practice for our school group’s annual end of the year program.  All went well, and I can now start being in disbelief as to how fast the school year has gone by – more than half way done at this point.  After all this it was off to the gym and then I finished the night up cleaning house and hitting my goal once again with FitBit steps.


of course Yuki would photobomb the best one

Home bound and desk bound for most of the day.  There were paperwork, bills, and budgeting to be done this morning, and my FitBit step count suffered some because of it.  Also, my outfit choice was very blah.  Blue jeans and an old shirt which I only put on because my niece was coming over.  No gym this evening, instead my guy and I moved stuff around in the living room.  Even though not a lot was going on, it felt like a long day.



A morning filled with errands and some grocery shopping.  The rest of the day for me was cleaning and cooking.  We had company for dinner and even though I was a little stressed out about how everything would turn out, my niece and her fiance seemed to have liked it alright.  The only thing that didn’t turn out as planned was the half melted ice cream that was sitting in the deep freeze all day.  I think the door just didn’t get shut, but I spent a good amount of time worrying about a freezer that might be going out.  I worry too much sometimes.  Maybe my worrying is where all these white hairs are coming from?  Nah, it’s probably from my boy.  I am sure he is responsible for several of them.  Ha ha!  But I am now a little bit off topic, back to where I was.  Oh, yes, Friday.

Friday:  See outfit above.  Yes, I wore it twice, but only because it only got worn for half the day on Thursday.  (I know I am not the only person who does this, right?  🙂 )  This morning I was working on wine.  I started elderberry mead, or more specifically elderberry melomel, and today was the day I racked it from the primary fermentation.  All seems to be going well with that, and it’s kind of exciting trying something new.  I am hoping for another wine success, but it will be months before I know for sure.  The rest of the day I rearranged some more furniture and did a lot of dusting.  That is what happens when big cabinets get moved after five years of staying in the same place.  So much dust!  Then I made dinner, took the boy to piano and ended the day with a nice sunset walk.  It was cold again, but the sky looked so pretty and the extra steps got me ahead for this week’s FitBit challenge that I have with a few of my friends.


That about sums up my week and all I have to say about it.  Until next time, have a great rest of your weekend, everyone!

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