And the Weekend Can Now Begin…


It’s Friday evening, so I can now sit down and relax.  It has been a nice week, and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend.  Our schedule has been pretty busy for the last couple of weeks.  I am talking about my and my boy’s school schedule.  We doubled up on work the last two Wednesdays to have the last two Thursday’s off, and our winter break is next week, but I guess you could say it officially started this afternoon around 3pm when the last test of the day was taken.  I still have some work to grade over my break but not very much.  I am going to be a good school teacher and get it taken care of first thing Sunday, er, I mean Monday.  (Sunday will be the day that I finish my newest dress if I haven’t finished it by tomorrow evening.)  Then, I will be free to do whatever I want for the rest of the week.

The week is already looking pretty full though.  I usually take this time of the year to do some really good cleaning.  The kind of cleaning that requires appliances, rugs, and furniture to be moved.  And there will be some closet cleaning as well.  These tasks, hopefully, will only be one – one and half – of my five days?  Maybe if I get an early start… I also have some handmade baby gifts to come up with and more wine to start.  See, I told you it was already looking like a full week.  I will enjoy it though, because a school free week is much needed right about now.  With all of this out of the way, I may be looking at a solid two days of whatever I want to do.  That wouldn’t be too bad.  Maybe I will choose to sleep in for one of them.

Sky Zone

Sky Zone slam bunk

This last week wasn’t all work though.  Our school group had a field trip to an indoor trampoline park – I guess that is what you can call it.  It’s been open for over a year now and I can’t believe it has taken us this long to make it there.  My guy even got off of work early to join in on the fun.  We went on ‘homeschool’ day and there were more people there than I expected.  The reason for this was because regular school children were on break, so actually homeschool day wasn’t a thing that day.  No worries, we still got in at the discounted rate.  That counted for my workout for Wednesday.  (A really fun workout, although my usual cardio consists of dance classes which are way more fun that anything else I could be doing.  I don’t miss the treadmill, elliptical machine, or stair-stepper one bit.)


So school, fun, and working out all got taken care of this week.  Also, another dress got started and we made it to that Titan’s game last Sunday without looking as if we had swum to the stadium.  It rained on us for half of the game and it was more like a drizzle.  We got to wear our new, handy dandy ponchos which have become our souvenir from the game.  We did buy them before, but luckily they are Tennessee Titan’s blue, and they are sturdy enough to take with us to the next rainy game.  It is inevitable that it will rain on us again.  The Titans didn’t win, but we still had a fun time.


Before the ponchos came out.
The boy and his cousin.

Alright, that is gonna be it for me for this Friday afternoon.  I need to go make a salad to go with that fried chicken we are planning on having for dinner.  Not low-carb, I know.  But it’s okay tonight.  😉

Have a great weekend!

3 Replies to “And the Weekend Can Now Begin…”

  1. What a busy week. Your dress is very pretty!!! So glad it didn’t poor on you all at the game! Have a blessed Sabbath and a great winter break!


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