Skirts of September: Week 4

It is the final week of my Skirtember, and I am ready to wear something else.  I wear skirts and dresses most of the time as it is, but something about four weeks of only wearing skirts that makes me want to wear a pair of pants.  Also, a few weeks ago I was lucky to find a yard sale with clothes in my size – never happens – and all of the pants were $0.25, so I am stocked up and ready to start wearing some!

Farewell, Skirtember!  It was fun and here is my last week:

Details: 23rd – H&M // 24th – Miley Cyrus & Max Azria // 25th – The Limited (thrifted) // 26th – Gap (hand-me-down) 27th – La Belle // 28th – Old Navy (thrifted)

29th – Maurice’s // 30th – Wet Seal

For a look back at my Skirtember:

Week 1, Week 2, Week 3

2 Replies to “Skirts of September: Week 4”

  1. While I’m sad that Skirtember is over, I can definitely understand why you would be ready for some pants! I love that you stuck with the challenge all month and I look forward to your next project. Happy October!


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