The 46th Friday of 2016 – On a Monday – Almost

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It was another busy week in my neck of the woods and I had this post written up on Friday, but ran out of time to add my pics, so here it is on Monday – well a few hours before Monday.  (Since I had it all written, how could I have let it go to waste?)  So, the big news of the week, last week: the election.  Surprise, surprise Donald Trump is the president elect.  I was a little sleep deprived for most of the week, having stayed up until 2:30 am after election day to see who it was that won.  I was a little shocked at the outcome, but I am one of those that is happy about how it ended up.  It will definitely be interesting to see how the next four years play out – or even the next couple of months…

World-shaking news behind, this was the rest of my last week:


I made another dress.  It only took me Saturday night, and a couple of hours on Sunday morning to make it.  It would have been done a couple of hours earlier had I not decided to put in another exposed metal zipper.  I have yet to do this without the help of YouTube and Professor Pincushion, but as much as I like exposed zippers on my me-made dresses, it shouldn’t be long now before I get them down by heart.


School took up a lot of my time last week.  Our grades were due, and I had all that last minute grading that I had kept putting off.  It got done pretty quickly, but now I am working spreadsheets and schedules for this second nine weeks.  I am very on top of school related things at the moment since I’ve been putting the time in this week, so I am finding myself with some free time here and there to do some things that I want to do without feeling like I should be doing something else more profitable.  Although, lately when I do have free time, I can’t help but feel a bit guilty when I am sitting down in front of the computer.  I could be walking!

Did you know the FitBit app had a selfie feature? I didn’t.

Yes, walking has been keeping me busy.  You see, I have a few friends with FitBits now, and we do these weekly challenges on the app to see who gets the most steps.  I have yet to win between the three of us, but because of these ongoing, weekly challenges, I have been able to up my step goal for the week to 15,000 steps.  Usually I can hit my goal pretty easily, but not if I decide to spend a lot of time on the computer blogging and, or editing photos.  Also, my normal weight lifting schedule has taken a back seat for cardio because of it.  If I don’t do extra cardio at the gym, there is no way I am even going to have a chance on winning.  So far, it hasn’t worked in my favor though cause I just can’t seem to keep up with my more actively stepping friends.  Four weeks in (I feel like it’s been that long anyway), and I am really starting to miss doing weights.  Plus, treadmills and elliptical machines are very boring to me.  I still have a slight bit of hope that maybe one week I will win, but then again, maybe not.

Seen on one of my many weekly walks.

Weekly wine making has returned.  I started some more last week: two smaller batches compared to my recent 15 gallons at a time.  I am sure I will be busy with this regularly again for a couple of months.  I like it a lot though, so it’s more fun for me than work.  For once I don’t have a picture of that.

That is about all from me for now.  I am happy that the weather has finally started to cool down over here.  We were still having 80 degree days until earlier last week.  The mornings are finally a bit chilly, so I might need to start pulling out the warmer clothes this week, finally.  I will be adding that to add that to the to-do list.  I plan to have the rest of that vacation up this week, and I have a bit of a back log of dress posts that I need to get to.  Could it be that there will be more blogging in my immediate future… I sure hope so, and I hope everyone has a great Monday!  I will be back soon.  Thanks for reading!



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