Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 31-32

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It’s been about two weeks since I last updated, and a lot has happened.  I’ve lost track of the daily specifics so I am going to generally recap the best I can.  We’re down to the last few days of summer break and I had resorted to keeping a to-do list.  It’s been essential cause I still have plenty I want to get done before the break is over.  This week, week 31, involved more deep cleaning and time spent outdoors.  First on the agenda for the week was to spend some time out at the cabin.  We needed to check on the bees and from all the recent wine making things were a bit of a mess.  It would be later in the week that I’d be back to work on the outside some.

Next on the cleaning list, my car.  I washed, vacuumed, and made her look pretty.  Then I sat down and finally posted my car for sale on Craig’s list and Facebook Marketplace.  As of today, almost two weeks later, I’ve only had one really interested person.  She is planning to meet up with me on Sunday to look at it.

This week I also sewed.  I made a dress for Etsy, the one I posted yesterday, and I went to a friend’s house to help her daughter make her first dress.  I had a lot of fun doing this and the time spent with my friend and her children was very enjoyable.  We will be finishing it next week.

This week ended where it started, out at the property.  They boy had mowing to do, and I had vines to check on.  Some rows you can barely walk through!  I’d say the next week will be when they get trimmed.  Muscadine season is getting close!

Before I move on to this week, let me note that the biggest news of the last pertained to my guy.  He got a big promotion at work, and we couldn’t be happier about it, so there was a lot going on with that this week.

Moving on to this week, it was a little like the last except less time at home to keep up with the daily stuff.  After a nice relaxing weekend – well there was yard work and grocery shopping – I started Monday off back at my friend’s house and her daughter finished the dress we had been working on.  She loves it!  I finished the last of what I needed to do with the one I was working on as well.  Tuesday, I was gone for most of the day again.  I made wine in the morning from some cherries that my dad brought me and then that afternoon I went to Jackson to do some clearance shopping at Kohl’s while I killed time waiting for Stephen to get off of work.  We had dinner and went to the monthly area bee meeting.  We saw a honey extraction and it was pretty neat.  I am even more excited for next year, should our bees make it till then, when we get to have some honey for our own.

Wednesday I was gone all day again.  The boy had a follow up dentist appointment so we were in the Nashville area for this very rainy day.  He had to work still this afternoon so I made myself go to the gym when we got back home.  I was tired, but happy I went when it was all over with.

Thursday I had no where to be until later in the day.  I enjoyed my time at home.  I spent the morning working on our budget and also took pictures of my newest me-made dress – most of which did not come out very well so I will just have to try again later.  I was hit with a case of the blahs around noon and didn’t really want to do anything else.  I folded laundry and spent some time with the boy before he went to work.  Then I made my way back to Jackson, again this week, to meet with some friends for our new, monthly dinner meet up.  Thursday night, like all other Thursday nights, was a laid back one for us.  I left the kitchen a mess and we all didn’t do much once the evening was here.

Now, Friday morning, I have the messy kitchen waiting for me and all the laundry from the week.  Plus some weekly mopping, dusting, and stuff like that.  I am happy to be home the whole day today though, so I don’t think I will complain too much about what I have to do around here.

And that’s been my life for the last couple of weeks.  Nothing too different, I know.  One last week of summer break is before me, and I hope to have something more exciting planned for next week.  I am also a lot more structured when school is back, so I’m sure I will be able to post more in the near future.  I hope you all have had a great summer.  Thanks for stopping by!  ❤

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