The Last Two Weeks of My Life

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If I don’t start my Friday over here on the blog, it’s unlikely that I will get anything posted.  In a total change from the norm, I am here on a Friday evening and it seems I will have a post for you all.  I did start the day on the computer, but it was in the form of paying bills and doing coaching check-ins.  Then there were errands to run, groceries to buy, and a house to kind of clean.  Plus, I had a little dress to finish before the day got away from me and I am happy to say it is complete.  Not for me, obviously.  And this pic was before the final hem, but it is done, washed, and ready to be worn.

What else can I tell you about from the last two weeks?  Well, we made it through the first severe weather watch of this year’s tornado season.  It was mostly south of us and we did get plenty of rain, and even some hail, but nothing worse than that.  As they say, with the rain comes the flowers, and those are starting to pop up all around.

The trees are starting to look green even, and it was just in a matter of days that spring has emerged.  And as usual, just as I start to think winter is gone, it gets cold again and feels dreary.  As was the case yesterday and today.  I had planned for hike with a friend, but the garage door kept me home.  As I was literally driving down the driveway, my garage door decided it didn’t want to close.  Come to find that the cable that holds it in place had come off the spool and I couldn’t close it.  Since rain was in the forecast, my guy wanted me to get someone out to fix it asap so I didn’t get to hike after all.  Probably this was a good thing, cause as the day went on, it got colder and wetter.  Probably not the best day to plan a day outdoors.  Instead, I cleaned the garage, which was long overdue.

And in other cleaning news, I finally got a start at cleaning the carpet in my sewing room, the former computer/school room.  What I thought had the dirtiest carpets in the house until I shampooed the boy’s room after he moved out.  I started it.  Since there is furniture I did one half and will do the other half this next week.  I should have done it yesterday instead of the garage, but I wanted to make a dress.  Next week.  Probably.

I am noticing a theme of spring cleaning this week.  Also on the list of things I’ve done lately, we spent a good part of last Sunday on the front porch reading books.  Stephen had one so I got back into one I started when I had the plague back in January.  I am a slow read for fun book reader as I always think I should be doing something else.  I have two I’d like to read that pertain to my new endeavor of nutrition coaching so I guess I can consider them as essential reading material.  🙂

I think I am going to have to extend my spring cleaning session one more week.  I have wine bottles to clean and finally some more wine to bottle.  I also should do something with the carpets in my bedroom.  If I am on top of it, I can probably get everything I want to get done, cleaning wise, this next week.  However, my week is already filling up with things to do.  Where did I put that planner for 2021?  I may actually need to use it after all.

I will wrap it up here.  This time change has made my Friday night fly by.  We have some fun plans for this weekend and I am happy to say I have a non-friend, nutrition client to sign up this weekend.  Can’t wait!  On that note, I am in need of some practice nutrition clients, so if you’re interested in working with me, drop me a comment or stop by here to get in touch.  (Note that you are interested in being a practice client when you fill out the form.  😉 )

Have a great weekend, my blog reading friends.  ❤


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