Hello, hello! Long time no write! Almost a month later, and I’m back. So, April, not my best month, but I am happy to say I am feeling much better and more like my normal self. Normal self with two weeks of less sleep that is. You see, the nest was just too empty over here and thanks to some persuasion from my guy, we have a new addition to the family, Molly Pearl. The first half of May was me getting back to normal, the second half was adjusting to the puppy life. I was only looking for puppies to put my name on a list for later in the year, but Stephen had other plans. So when I found this sweet girl about two hours from home, Stephen took the afternoon off so we could meet our newest friend.

I must have forgotten how much work having a puppy is, or this little pup might just be a special case. She’s super tiny, about 2.5 pounds, and with not much fat. We’ve dealt with a couple bouts of low blood sugar, and a refusal to eat. The vet has assured me she is healthy, just a bit finicky and small, I suppose. Our main focus, in addition to potty training, is to put some weight on her. And that has been part of my life the last couple of weeks.

Right about the time we got Molly, I wrapped up with some starting nutrition clients, just to get myself a few others. I went from having more time on my hands than I’d had in a long time, to looking for moments here and there to get work done. I am very happy for these recent full and busy days, I needed them. Living on 4-5 hours of sleep though, that is taking its toll. I do think I see a light at the end of that tunnel.

It’s the unofficial start of summer this weekend, and I didn’t even realize it. I’ve been so busy, it totally crept up on me. Not being a part of school for once in my life, has left summer an out of sight out of mind thing. I don’t even think that I am ready for it to be summer. I have no plans but to keep myself busy with our new addition and new clients. I may be a month behind with some goals pertaining to that part of my life, nutrition and fitness, but the ball is starting to roll and I couldn’t be happier.

I must not forget to mention the time this month that I got to spend with family. My New Mexico family spent some time out at the family vineyard and it was wonderful getting to see them. It always seems the time goes by too fast, but some time together is better than none. And we enjoyed the outdoors just before it got hot.

That is about it. I won’t be away as long. Blogging still brings me such joy, I may do it less than I like, but I can’t do away with it that is for sure. Thanks for sticking with me!

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