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Things Growing in My Yard

It’s nice and rainy in West Tennessee this Thursday afternoon.  How is the weather where you are?  I went out walking around the yard the other day and was surprised to see that I had flowers growing in my backyard.  And there were so many!  I planted black-eyed […]

2016: A Year In My Life

Good morning, internet!  How’ve ya been, all you readers?  Whenever I seem to skip any regular posts just know it’s cause I’ve been busy.  And I have.  I had a few things I wanted to get done before the month was over, and I am happy to say […]

Favorite Photos of 2016

Good morning, all!  I finally got a chance to get a little bit ahead this past weekend with the blog, so as you all read this I will probably be sleeping soundly for a couple more hours.  (I scheduled this post in advance.)  It’s a day off for […]

Fall in West Tennessee

It finally got cold.  Last Friday we had a rain storm come in and with it came the cooler weather we are used to having at this time of the year.  Boots, wool socks, and sweaters are now daily fashion staples around here for me.  Two days ago […]