Things I should be doing…

It is our two week winter break from school.  I am loving the time at home not having to worry about grading, teaching, or any of the other things that go with that part of my life.  However, as always, I do have a few things I should probably make time to do.

My ten year old boy is growing out of his little, little boy style.  His room could definitely use a make over.  (That was one of the things on my ‘Before Summer is Over to do List’) That is something I should do during this break.

Should I even mention the stack of sewing projects I have?  A new ferret hammock being on the top of that list.  Ziggy the ferret is ready for a new, clean place to curl up and sleep in.

So far my break has consisted of shopping, and hanging out at home with the boy.  Today is really the first day I am getting to my normal cleaning and chores.  I am not gonna say I am being lazy this week, I think that there just isn’t enough time to do all of the things one wants to do. (The fun things, in my case, are taking the top priority right now.)  I will get to those others, eventually!  After all, I do still have one week left…

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