Shoe Save Nine

I am getting a better start with saving shoes this year than I did last year.  I am already at 9!  I decided to make Wednesdays my shoe save post day starting this next week, so If I have any to document, I will get them up and posted then.  I may get ahead of myself, but at least I will be making progress.

These shoes were worn yesterday.  I guess I kind of cheat some because Saturday is the day I spend with all of my friends, usually inside and the shoes are left at the door – plus not a lot of walking.  So I really should have no excuse to get those new ones out knowing there is no worry of wearing blisters on my feet.  The only thing to hinder me would be the lack of photographic documentation, which hasn’t been too much trouble – yet.

I have had these shoes for eleven years, and this may have been the fourth time they were worn.  Yes, there is a reason for this challenge and it is mostly to get the ‘summery’ shoes I think I might wear – someday – worn!  They are Colin Stewart brand and I just recently remembered that it is a brand that comes in my size so I ordered a new pair, I think I will someday wear 🙂

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