Shoe Save Ten

Let me start off by saying sorry for having another post about shoes!  I promise to have something different by my regularly scheduled Friday post- that is if something comes along to blog about before then.  But either way you won’t have to see anymore shoe posts until at least next Wednesday – that is if I get another pair documented by then.

These shoes are a brand called NoCall.  I don’t spend much money on shoes unless they are Docs and I have learned that with shoes, you get what you pay for.  This is the fourth summer that these have been around and they are barely hanging on.  They were my first ‘flat’ purchase in my adult life (If I am remembering right) and when I bought them it took me a while to get to where I liked them.  Now they are one of my currently most worn, and it shows!  They are comfortable enough for a day of ‘window’ shopping in Nashville and even to wear for walking the dog.  (The Nashville part is what I did Monday when I wore them so the dog walking part, that day, was left to my guy :-))

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