Can you Canoe?

We got the news about a canoe trip early this week and we had been anxiously waiting ever since.  This was a first for me and the boy, but not something we had never thought of.  In fact, this is something the whole family has been talking about doing for some time – this and kayaking.  We were even reminded about a place not to far from us that does day canoe trips about two weeks ago by one of my guy’s co-workers.  So happy were we to get out and try this for real instead of only talking about it.

We have had some hot weather lately so making this a morning trip was ideal.  I was a little concerned that the canoes were going to be easy to tip but that wasn’t the case at all.  Once we got in and off the bank, they were very sturdy and there was no need to have ever worried.  I think the kayaking is probably the one to bet on getting wet in.  I was at the back so I was in charge of steering.  The boy was at the front and I think more than once I was doing most of the work!  Although it is kind of hard to think of it as work when you are having so much fun.

We were going strong and straight ahead until we got bumped into by a few others so all of a sudden I was thrown off with my steering ability.  I had to work at that a bit to get the hang of it again, and once we did we were almost where we started and I felt like I had perfected our straight rowing line!

It was only an hour trip, but it was an hour of family time, an hour of exercise, and an hour of gorgeous sunshine!  The only thing to have made it better would have been my guy there to do this with us.  We will have to go again with him!  Not much else could have made it better for the boy cause afterwards I stopped off and got him a shaved ice; his day was made!

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