Shoe Save Twelve

Let me think for a minute, I am fifteen weeks into this shoe challenge and there are more than enough weeks for me to get a pair of shoes saved a week until April 1st when my challenge has to be completed.  I could even slow down some if I wanted to and still be okay because I really don’t think I will be buying a handful more of shoes any time soon.  Maybe one or two, but really, I am way too picky and that may be part of my shoe problem.  I have started to tell myself to work on this, but it isn’t going very well.

This weeks save are a pair of Candies, youth sized – yes, they may or may not have velcro on them- from Kohls.  Okay, they DO have velcro, and I only hope every time I wear them that the velcro won’t suddenly fail and I will have flapping straps at my ankles, which has happened once before in the past with another pair of youth sized shoe!  So far, these seem to be holding up just fine, but really they should with all the wear they don’t get.  But I do like them, they are comfortable, and I find that the major color of most of my shoes is black so these are a nice change being brown.


3 Replies to “Shoe Save Twelve”

  1. Haha! I love this. Cute shoes and I would never have thought about the velcro problem that is introduced when buying youth sized shoes.


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