Who Needs a Ladder?

This week my dad found another elderberry tree on the property and thought we might be interested in getting some elderberries.  Since they were falling from the tree, it was a good indication that they were ready to be picked, only problem, they were not within reach – well, not any more at least because the ones that were within reach had been picked.  We have a very tall ladder at our house but it didn’t seem we would be needing it…

Turns out you can get a lot higher with a Bobcat and a pallet attached to the forks than you could with a silly old ladder!  It was funny as we were being lifted into the air, my guy asked me about these ‘blackberries’- he really didn’t know what we were picking or what he was in for.  I also heard at some point, “The things I do for you!”   (All, of course, with nothing but loving and affectionate tones – really!)  Thank you guys for your help with another thing that will keep me busy.  I think there may be a reason why elderberry syrup is so pricey; it takes a lot of time to pick, separate, and sort what will be used to make this stuff.  Good thing is, I should have enough for a few bottles.


2 thoughts on “Who Needs a Ladder?

  1. Oooh, so jealous that you’re able to make your own elderberry syrup! Would love to hear what you end up making with it. 🙂

    1. I have a few recipes to try and I will probably do an update when I get it made. I am looking forward to making it, I just need to get a hold of some jars. The stuff is great though 🙂

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