Shoe Save Eleven

I cannot remember if I was doing this well last year with wearing/saving my shoes, but I think the blog documentation is motivating me more this time around to get through them faster than last year.  Shoe save posts also seem to be the posts that are the easiest and fastest for me to write.  And I am surprised that I am able to recall with such ease where and when each of my shoes were bought.

Pair eleven are my most recent in my Doc Marten collection.  I have had them a little over a year and strangely, have not worn them that often.  They fit better than most of my other Mary Jane Doc’s so I don’t know why these stay on the top shelf of the closet?  They were an ebay find – $20.00 brand new!  (A steal really in my opinion.)


I try not to spend too much time trolling ebay for new Doc’s cause I may just end up with more than I need, which is probably close to the situation now.  They really last me so the old ones don’t usually get thrown out.

I think my current shoe count is 37- I have added another pair.  I will probably have to double check to be certain, but eleven are out of the way for sure.  Well, that’s enough of my shoes for the week.

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