Much like other years before, I was not very successful growing things from seeds. I planted several flower seeds, poppies, daisies, lavender, and sunflowers, and it seems I only got a couple of sunflowers t0 actually spring up. (Wait, I did get some of the poppies and the daisies to spring up but they only made it a few inches tall and kind of stopped there.) The funny thing is that out of the sunflowers I did grow, almost half were not even planted knowingly by me! My dad gave me a bag of potting soil this spring that I used to plant bulbs in, and instead of bulbs, sunflowers grew. He had this great sunflower field last summer and I am guessing some of the seeds got into the sack of soil he gave me and that is how I ended up with them.

The sunflower field at my Dad’s cabin last summer.
Sunflowers all around!

I just loved how the sunflowers looked at his place last summer and had visions of them all in a row in my back yard this year. Well, it was a pretty sorry turnout, but I did get a couple. I obviously was lacking in the amount I planted but I think I will try again next summer, only then I will plant A LOT more!

One of only a few I have this year.

*Side note – as I was writing this post, I seemed to have been having trouble with my picture quality.  They all look great on the new post page, but very grainy on the preview page.  I sure hope this is only a temporary thing and that the pics will look good when the post gets published.  If not, I apologize and I will be trying to figure out why this happened.  This is a bit annoying because I have never had the quality go down on a preview and because this is the only post that I have ever had this problem.

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