Oh, the Places We’ll Go…

I have been reading a lot of travel blogs lately.  I probably should quit though cause my guy may be getting tired of me trying to put ideas in his head about ‘our next trip’.  Although, maybe if I keep doing it long enough, he will just give in and tell me to book the tickets…

Well, I will leave him be for a bit, and for the time being, I will just blog about traveling.  We have had the opportunity to travel to some great places.  It all started in high school when my guy and I got to go on an EF tour of Europe.  I think that may have been what started it all.  Three weeks starting in London and ending in Greece.  It was a whirlwind trip, so much to see and do and we did as much as we could!  We couldn’t wait until we were a little older and we could travel, but this time on our own.

Us in 1996 when we first went to London

When we got married our trips were all about thrills!  Most were based around amusement park locations.  We did L.A., Florida, and several Six Flags and some skiing and snowboarding.  Then there were the trips around where we live.  (There still is so much around where we live now that we have yet to see.)  It took us a little time to make it back to Europe, but we have since been twice.  And both times to London, so I think we have gotten that place out of our system.  We have had several of the laid back trips; the ones where we just bummed around the beach and took our time with everything we wanted to do – the take it slow kind of trip.  So now, I think we are ready for a trip that is a little bit of them all; activity packed, thrilling, and laid back.  We  can rent a car, set out and see where we end up – somewhere with an extreme adventure of some sort – bed and breakfasts all the way, and explore as much of the country and sights as we can.

Zip-lining the rain forest canopy in Hawaii 2005
The laid back kind of trip where time doesn’t matter.

I am noticing now that I am writing about this, that we tend to travel and repeat!  Several of the places we have gone to, we have gone to again – and even again.  Now, I think it is time to get out of the box and go somewhere new!  (Except for Scotland.  We went once and I cannot wait to go again, and WE SO want to go again!)

Even though it was cold and windy, we had so much fun! Edinburgh 2009

My guy is up for his annual evaluation at work soon and we are kind of hoping for something that will open a few doors for traveling.  I vote for somewhere different – except Scotland, of course- with a little bit of everything on our next trip!

2 Replies to “Oh, the Places We’ll Go…”

  1. You’ve been to so many amazing places! We always seem to end up going back to the same places – I never intended for that to happen, but I get really attached to the places I’ve had fun in and get sad at the thought of not seeing them again…


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