Shoe Save Thirteen

I have just recently discovered scheduled posts, so as you are reading this, at least a week has gone by since this save actually took place. Now it will really seem I am getting ahead of myself saving shoes.

These ratty looking, faded Doc’s are another pair that just won’t go in the trash. I didn’t include them in last years challenge, at first, but then towards the end changed my mind. I got them in 2005 when we made our first trip to London as a family. (An absolute must when going to London is to buy a pair of Doc Martens!) I was slightly disappointed when I did buy these though because they were not made in the UK like every other pair I have, but in Taiwan. However, they right away became my newest favorite pair of shoes, and they right away looked like it! You cannot tell from the pic, but the sole on the front is pulling away from the shoe itself. I have probably prolonged their existence but I can’t help it!

Sunday when I wore these, my guy had an IDPA match so walking around a dusty shooting range in the hot heat wasn’t gonna be a problem at all for these. They are kind of more like yard shoes anyway by the look of them now. I guess I am going to have to start looking into replacing them since they are a pair I do like so much.

I am off to troll ebay…

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