Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

This week’s WordPress photo challenge theme is wrong.  Right away I couldn’t think of any photos that I had that could fit this description, so I thought I would go through the week and see if anything appropriate for the theme could be captured.  Then, as I was messing around on the computer today, it came to me…

A few years back we went to Chicago for the first week in September.  It was a fun trip.  They have some of the best museums that I have ever been to and they have the Willis Tower.  103 stories up, and you can walk out into a glass cube that is overlooking the city beneath.  In the boy’s mind, everything about this was wrong!

He looked at us like we were crazy to want to step onto a glass ledge that was sticking out from a building.  There were bunches of people waiting to be in the glass balcony and as we waited we were trying to convince the boy that really, he too should step out onto it and look down.  This wasn’t his first experience with heights so I was kind of surprised he wasn’t pushing ahead of us to get a look, and he was not happy at all when we told him he had to at least try it, and then stand there long enough for me to get a picture.

It took a few minutes of convincing, but he very reluctantly took a few slow steps onto the glass floor and looked down.  Then he immediately sat down and asked if we were done yet, but unfortunately for him, he had to endure this for a few more minutes while we kindly asked a stranger to take a picture of us all.

It has been a few years, but he still remembers it very well to this day!

10 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong”

  1. After watching others struggle to walk out on a similar glass floor many years ago, I determined I would not. To my dismay, I still found myself walking on the tiny borders between the glass blocks – as if that would make any difference!


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