Shoe Save Twenty-Six

What kind of shoes would be suitable for a day in the woods, sitting around a campfire, cold?  My first thought is always these.  But after years of the same mistake, I may have to go for a different pair next time.  You see, tattered old boots do well for the dusty, woodsy, wet, outdoors; not so well for the cold.

After a few winters of painful feet, I learned that I must wear wool socks at all times when the temperature drops and it is cold out, but wool socks in a pair of uninsulated Doc Marten boots does not make the chill stay away!  I ended up switching to my boy’s hiking boots after a few hours of numb toes and will have to save these for those not-too-cold days of walking in the woods, because they aren’t much suitable for anything else!

They have been around a long time, and they have stuck around for mostly sentimental reasons.  I know they have had their day and aren’t much to look at, but they will be sticking around a while longer.  Perhaps they will finally be put to rest as yard decor?  I have seen people use rain boots as planters…

*Only kidding of course!  Their current purpose is to house spiders and webs in the corner of the garage.