October is Over

October is over already?  Where does the time go?  Here is a look back at my month in pictures.

The month started off rainy, VERY rainy, and it also started off on the road.  Three trips to Nashville and one to Memphis makes me able to say I spent much more time than usual driving this month.  I even found myself not far from Kentucky on one occasion.

I had the chance to see some family, and the zoo.  Going to the zoo always makes for a fun day!

There was a meteor shower and I thought for sure this would be the time we would FINALLY see some meteors.  Since it is hunting season for the guys in my life, I knew we would be up early.  Well, we were up early enough, but nothing to see but the sunrise shortly after.

Since October was the month hunting season started, more time than usual was spent at the cabin.  This means Yuki and I had some lazy days indoors, and I was doing not much else but catching up on grading.  (For once I had all of the grades I needed a week in advance!)

Fall showed up, and up until last week we had 80 degree fall weather.  I couldn’t help but pull over and get a pic of this tree on my way home one day.  Lots of trees mean lots of beautiful colors!

Then there was camping – I mean, almost camping!  We did everything but the actual camping part.

October was also the first month of our CSA box.  I am very much enjoying not having to buy veggies at the grocery store.  I have come across a few new ideas and have some more recipes yet to try.

And just like that, the month is over.  Now, on to November…

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