Suede Boots and Italian Food

Two things happened last Thursday night. We finally made it to the new Italian Restaurant we’ve been wanting to try, and my suede boots got saved. It’s my Shoeper Shoe Save, Tuesday post with a little bit extra.

It is not like I was worried that these boots wouldn’t get saved. They get worn a few times a year without too much hesitation, but this was the first time I thought to dress them up some. They always get the casual treatment. Usually over a pair of skinny jeans, but this time I thought I did a bit better.

They are a pair of Nine West boots that I was lucky to come across a few years ago while visiting an outlet mall back in my homeland. My first pair of pretty boots! When I got them, I was very unsure of how and where to wear them. Were they too dressy for me? I got over it, and I think I should start leaving them out of the box during the cold months so that maybe by seeing them, I can get them worn more often.

As for the Italian restaurant, Besso’s for those friends reading this who live close to me, it was pretty good! The food was delicious, much better than Olive Garden – probably to be expected because it isn’t a chain restaurant but rather a local place. The atmosphere was very nice, always something that gets points from me – modern with a European feel. I did think our waitress was lacking somewhat, and the entree did not come with a salad, but those are only small complaints from an overall great night out! We will be going back and they have a great looking pizza-like bar, and gelato counter for lunch or a more casual night out.

{Dress – Forever 21 // Shoes – Nine West // Cardigan – No Boundaries // Skirt – Amy’s Closet}


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