Photo Challenge: Inspiration

What inspires me to blog?

In a mid week  special photo challenge, we were asked about what inspires us to blog.  Then we were asked to show photos of ourselves doing what inspires us to blog.  I thought about it for a short amount of time.  I tried to pinpoint what specifically was my inspiration to sit down a few times a week and bang on the keyboard.  I am quite far from being glamorous, I don’t jet set about on a regular basis, I am not a culinary expert, and I don’t lead some secret life that I would love to tell about.  So what is it that inspires me everyday, and every week?

My answer is, Life.  Life is what inspires me to blog.  I know, not much deep thought involved with that answer, but it is, after all, what my blog is about – me and my life.  

Trying something new
Traveling somewhere different
Up for a challenge
Loving life!

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