Field Trip Fun

We don’t go on field trips nearly enough!  We seem to say this every year.  What is so hard about planning an outing that everyone will enjoy?  Nothing, really.

This week, thanks to a little bit of a push, we were able to get out and enjoy some time away from books, homework, and lesson plans.  There isn’t a lot of field trip worthy places in a small town, but we went for something close by.

First up for the day, a tour of the local fire station.  We called ahead and made plans, but those plans didn’t get passed on to the crew that was working the day we showed up.  No need to worry, the man in charge gave us an impromptu tour complete with manning the truck’s water hose.  No one was too big or too small to try it out!

Next up, the state park.  A picnic lunch and a hike through the woods was the perfect way to finish up the day.  Our state park has several geocached locations.  Geocaching is a GPS treasure hunt.  We got the coordinates and a map, which had some clues to the whereabouts of the geocache box, and off we all went.  It was a lot of fun, and many of us are anxious to go out again.  There are five locations in this park so there is another field trip for another day!

Apparently this is a pretty popular activity and there is a whole site set up for avid geocachers with coordinates for all over the place. (  I think it is pretty cool that we have five locations around here.

Yes, field trips are always fun, and yes, we need to go on them way more often!

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