Wearing Dresses and Saving Shoes

Last year I participated in a month long, dress wearing challenge called Dressember.  I joined the Facebook group and diligently posted a picture every day for one whole month – not to mention diligently wore a dress everyday for one whole month.  I thought snapping an Iphone pic each day would be easy enough until I realized that my Iphone, for some reason, wouldn’t make my Facebook photos available for any others to see but me.  So, I had to upload pics to my computer, then upload to Facebook and this ended up being a time consuming extra step each day.  I liked Dressember and didn’t even make it though all of my dresses in the month, so I had hopes of doing it again this year.  Well, I canceled on the Facebook group, and then last week got some encouragement from fellow Dressemberists on Instagram.

Okay, this won’t be too hard, I really can snap a pic each day on my iphone and post to instagram.  So I am in!  However, I knew beforehand that this is the month we are planning a trip and some outdoor activities will be involved so dresses will only be worn for the night’s out on these few days, but I will still be diligently wearing and snapping photos for this year’s Dressember, only on Instagram instead of Facebook.  You can check out my feed here.  (You can also link to my Instagram feed via my About Me page.)

I also contemplated taking a short break from shoe saving this month since I am almost at the end of my challenge – about 6 pairs left – but then I thought, it doesn’t really matter if I finish earlier than April, which I clearly will at the rate I am going.  So, I have another pair saved for this week, and I am posting it a few days earlier than my usual Tuesday.

Another pair of new-to-me Doc Martens put me at save 31.  I just got these a month or so ago.  I did need a pair of brown Docs and they were cheap and in basically new condition, so I couldn’t pass them up.  (I may one day need an ebay intervention, but not today!)  I am not sure if I will be adding any more shoes to my final count, but I am continuing on with the Shoeper Shoe Challenge for December, I mean Dressember!  More to come next week.

brown Mary Jane Doc Martens

Mary Jane Doc Martens with a dress

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