Where Did the Month Go?

Ugh!  It is already the end of another month!  This evening I was online messing around with new blog template ideas and it hit me…  It is already the end of November, and instead of template browsing, I could be messing around with photos for an end of the month post.

I am a bit taken aback this month by having a soon-to-be preteen in the house.  When are the preteen years anyway?  In just a few short months, my boy has changed so much before my very eyes.  Instead of looking at his milestones of life so far, I am starting to worry think about those of his future.  I am watching life change before my very eyes, and it is happening just way too fast!

Okay, now that I got that little bit of reality off of my chest, some highlights form my month of November – in pictures…

A lot of time was spent outdoors this month; from hiking in the woods to days at the park, so a lot of this month was of the outdoor sort.

A very neat looking downed tree from one of a few walks in the woods.

I use to think no where had better sunsets than New Mexico.  As the years have passed, Tennessee isn’t doing too bad in the sunset department.

Dog training 101.

Fighting fires of the imaginary sort.

Oh, and shoe saving of the boot sort.

Only one more month left of this year.  I wish I could say I can’t wait until the next, but really, I wish time would just slow down.

One Reply to “Where Did the Month Go?”

  1. I have a “soon-to-be-preteen” boy, too – only I hadn’t thought of him that way until I read your post, It’s so exciting to see him growing (up) – but, like you, I often wish time would slow down just a bit 🙂


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