Thrifted, Gifted, and Saved

This week is a two for one.  I have a shoe save and a thrift inspired outfit all in one post.  Let’s hope I don’t get carried away writing about all the details and end up with too many words.

First of all, the thrifted.  The top and the skirt both were the lucky finds of  bargain shopping.  The shirt was bought at Plato’s Closet, which happens to be a new favorite thrift-store-of-sorts now that I live so far away from a Buffalo Exchange.  I love the sheer material and the smocked details.

The Skirt was from a yard sale and it was several sizes too big, plus the elastic was completely stretched out – don’t know exactly how old it was.  There was a matching top, but I really couldn’t see myself wearing the two together or the top alone, so despite the mere $0.20 price tag, I left the top behind and walked away with $0.10 less and a new to me skirt with only minor alterations needed.  I just had to take the existing elastic off, serge the top, and then re-elastic the waist.  Voila – a skirt I will wear to pieces!

Now for the shoes.  They are the gifted and the saved.  These put me at shoe save #30!  The countdown is now on, I have less than ten to go, and it will be smooth sailing from here.  I got them last year, courtesy of my mom’s generosity.  (She wanted me to get a pair of shoes, on her.)  Well, these were what I chose.  They are boots so it was totally fine that the smallest size made in this style was one too big.  They are boots, so they will be worn when it is cold and thick socks are a must.  The photo is missing this detail, but they are boots with a heel, the first for me, and this is the second time I have worn them.  I must say after today, they are becoming a new favorite!  (I always love a pair of lace up black boots!)

So two posts in one go, my shoe save and something to show for Thrifter Thursday.  Thanks for stopping by and reading!

[ Top:  Charlotte Russe //Skirt: no label // Shoes:  X-appeal // Necklace: made by me ]

8 Replies to “Thrifted, Gifted, and Saved”

    1. Yes, frustrating is a good word. I have hopes that since the clothing choices of the younger generation are looking more and more mature by the day, maybe children’s shoe sizes will soon ditch the butterflies and bows and add a little more of a grown-up look as well. Then, perhaps, I will have some more options. 😉


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