Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I had never seen anything like this!  It almost looked like it could be the landscape for a science fiction-type movie.  We hadn’t lived in our house very long, and the dirt was very loose from the building process – I guessed – but when the season changed and the weather got cold, the moisture under the dirt froze.  There were ice crystals under the top soil and it was the strangest looking thing!

Icy Dirt

needle ice

I looked it up, it has a name, it is called needle ice.

14 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons”

    1. Haha, they actually were VERY fun to stomp on! Once we started planting grass in our yard, they haven’t shown up. I did see some at our family cabin, I think it was last year. The driveway dirt was still kind of loose then. They look so cool!


  1. Very interesting post, and more interesting by your due diligence in taking the time to look up this phenomena and sharing it with us all. I for one had never heard of needle ice. We learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing.


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