With No Particular Place to Go


Usually on Wednesdays, I travel for school, but this passed Wednesday was a bit different, and I happily got to stay home. School was still on the schedule so not too much was any different there, but my usual commute for the day was only the few miles it takes to get my boy to gymnastics in the afternoon. Some days if I don’t leave the house, I don’t even have to put on shoes!

The weather has not been December-like at all this year! I really didn’t need to put the tights on that I was wearing, but for the sake of not having an all black outfit, I did. Nothing stands out more than RED – well maybe mustard yellow, but I didn’t have any tights that color.

These shoes are more from my seemingly endless assortment of Doc Martens. This shoe challenge, for me, should have been called, Erika wears all of her Docs in a year’s time – with a few pretty shoes thrown in as extras. This pair puts me at number 32. And speaking of standing out, I am not too sure after looking at the pictures, that these shoes were the right choice for this dress. They may have shortened me some…

Well, I suppose I am the only one who really noticed this minor detail. Everyone else was probably distracted, hopefully by the tights!


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