Riding in Cars With Dogs


The week we have been waiting three months for is getting close to being here. Finally a vacation is on the horizon! This will also be the first vacation EVER with the family dog. Well, we actually haven’t even had the dog for a whole year yet, so this is the first vacation that has come up since we got her in February, but I can’t ever remember a family vacation with a dog. When I was younger we went camping with our dog, but I never really considered camping a vacation.

We are driving, and the trip will also be the first for the Mini Cooper. Our first out of state road trip in the Mini and we have had the car already for two and a half years – it’s about time! I am very much looking forward to the trip, but I am a little unsure how traveling, six hours, in the Mini, with the dog, will go. She has a small crate that she sleeps in when we do go places in my car, and she and the boy pretty much take up the back seat. There isn’t a lot of trunk space so good thing I learned young to travel lightly (it’s a bonus we are staying somewhere that has an in-room washer and dryer). We will be packing light!

Because we will be traveling with a dog, we had to make special reservations at the condo for a ‘pet friendly’ room. Most people I see who travel with pets do so because they are pretty much a part of the family. The pets seem to be well taken care of, groomed, and basically mild mannered and house trained, I am assuming. I only hope those are the types of dogs that were inhabiting the condo before us. While our dog is pretty well behaved, except for those crazy freak out moments, I have no way of knowing what the previous dogs of the room were like, nor do I know what a ‘pet friendly’ room looks like – ahem, or smells like. I guess we will soon find out.

My family has a time share in Branson, MO and this is the year we get to use it. We have many friends and family members that have been, but this will be the first time for us. We only have a few things planned, and we are really looking forward to a week of doing not much of anything . Usually our vacations leave us needing a vacation from our vacation.

I am googling all I can on the way there and back though. I intend on making this a road trip for sure! More updates will soon follow.