Just Another Week…

Fall Flowers

Fall Ducks

Another Week… With added shoe saves.

This week was a long one and I much prefer the long weeks to the super fast ones, so it was a good week for me.  There was a lot going on, from bottling wine, baby-sitting, and yard work to a surprise meet-up with friends who traveled over a thousand miles away, surprise indeed.  Yes, I will say it again, it was a great week!  The best part was last weekend, and it just so happened to be a good time for a few more shoe saves for my Shoeperwoman.com challenge.

Here in Tennessee, I have noticed that there are four seasons.  I know what you are thinking, there are four seasons where you live too, right?  What I mean is that when the calendar says the season has changed, the weather follows along shortly thereafter.  We have a definite spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Hmm, actually, I am not sure I can say we have had a proper winter the last few years.  It was sometimes cold, but now that I think about it, it was not very winter-like.  Never mind, let me just get to the point, it is fall now and the weather is moving into its fall-like condition.

Saturday, technically NOT fall according to the calendar, but the weather sure seemed fall-like.  We spent the day with friends, took some pictures (not pictures of me, by the way), and had a nice night out, or more like in.  We didn’t make it to the city like we had planned, but were sufficed to stay kind of close to home, in town, that night.  I was trying to be colorful considering my wardrobe consisted of mostly grey and black the days before, so I wore my brown Docs.  Nothing says color better than a brown pair of Docs!  Not really, but at least they weren’t black and they seemed to go with what I was wearing – no black at all!  Plus, they needed to be saved.

ShoeSave6Sunday, the lovely fall day that it officially was, found us outside at one of the many State Parks we are happy to live so close to.  Keeping to the Skirtember theme, I wore my green skirt, a great skirt for a day outdoors, and my Simple shoes, also great for the day that was at hand.  Both worked out just fine for lounging, picture taking (again, not pictures of just me), and a friendly game of volleyball, no diving from me, however, I was wearing a skirt after all.  And, I will admit I was kind of happy as the sun went down and I had to rummage through the car for a sweater, because IT GOT COOL.  Well it’s fall now, so what did I expect?


I am really happy to have been able to enjoy this cooler weather.  I hope it sticks around some and doesn’t turn into fall rain,which also seems to show up around this time of the year.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

*Linking up with Shoeperwoman for this week’s Shoe Challenge Week 4

*Also linking up with Lena B, Actually, and Rachel the Hat for Passion for Fashion Friday.

Lena B, Actually

5 Replies to “Just Another Week…”

  1. Very pretty skirt. Yay for fall weather and leaves turning pretty colors. Looking forward to four seasons. Here we have a short spring loongg summer and fall. Loving having our windows open and no AC. Our kitties are enjoying it too especially Ezra he loves to be out side.


    1. Any time that the windows can be opened without the AC is a great time of the year to me. I bet your cats are loving the break from all that summer heat. 🙂


  2. yay to lovely autumnal days and wonderful parks! the print on that skirt is really pretty !Thanks so much for linking up to Passion For Fashion, i hope to see you tomorrow! xx


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