A Farmhand for the Week


I mentioned I was busy last week, and busy I was.  I had a little extra driving and a few extra chores, but it was fun getting the chance to help my friends out with their little farm.  If you told me ten years ago I would be milking a goat, even singing to it, plus feeding chickens, I would have never believed you.  (Yes, I sang to a goat last week as well.  Apparently it helps it to quit kicking while on the milking stand.)  Hey, if you would have told me 13 years ago I would be living in Tennessee, I would have never believed you either.  But I do and I did, and I have probably said this before, but farm life is more close to me than I ever could have thought, and I have no problems with that at all.  And my boy, he is pretty good at being a farm hand himself.


My goat milking only consisted of a couple of days.  It didn’t take long for that particular job to be transferred to my boy.  What I did in ten minutes, he was able to do in five.  How did he get so good at this?  There was then just the easy stuff left for me, like the feeding, the watering, and the occasional singing when the goat needed it.


This whole farm sitting was nothing new to us; we had done it before, but with a lot less fruit from our labor.  This time, since the goat has become an established milker, we ended up with all of the milk, plus many many eggs.  A few days were less than others, but the last day on the farm, I came home with two dozen eggs.  Add them to the almost two dozen I had already collected throughout the week, and now I need to figure out what to make.



Modern day homesteading on a small scale, not too bad for this city girl.  🙂


And now, I must be going.  I may be just fine with the farm life, but I am afraid my vehicle of choice is not too suited for the country roads, and a little damage control is in order.  My farm cart, aka Mini Cooper, does not take well to the country wildlife.

3 Replies to “A Farmhand for the Week”

    1. Whoops, that was supposed to be a comment on your other post! I loved reading about your farm experiences too though 🙂


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