A Thrifted Shirt for a Busy Day

casual striped shirt

Hello there, everyone.  Is it the middle of the month already?  I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t have a calendar right here next to me to prove it.  Another month almost in the archives and it has just flown by!  Here I am again taking about thrifting and clothes – there hasn’t been an intervention yet.  Today was all about being casual while getting back into the swing of school.  There was plenty going on and the day was a busy one with school work, a trip to the city and the park, plus laundry, a little bit of cleaning, oh and that little project of painting the boy’s room – it’s finally happening.  I am more than ready for this weekend, that is for sure.

I’m a little late posting today, and I was a little hesitant about taking outfit photos this morning, but I got it done and now I must talk a bit about my item of the week.  This shirt was the only thrifted item I could find in my wardrobe this morning that would work for a casual day about.  (Actually, the skirt was thrifted as well.)  I have plenty of other casual items, yes, but you’ve either seen them, they are not blog worthy, or I couldn’t find any of them when I was looking for something to wear.

A striped shirt always gets a ‘yes’ from me while out shopping, and a very cheap, Goodwill striped shirt gets a super big YES when it’s found amongst a rack of things that I almost didn’t bother to look though.  I found this shirt on one of my quick thrifting trips.  I was near a Goodwill, had a few extra minutes to kill before needing to be at a scheduled appointment, so I picked a few rows and began shuffling through the hangers of clothes.  I much prefer taking my time when looking for that one item amongst many, but sometimes something will show up right away, as was the case this day.  Stripes are a favorite and I am always in need of new shirts.

There’s not much more to say about this one, so that is about all from me for this week.  I’ve got a blogging queue all lined up in my head, I just need to find a little bit of time to get it typed out and onto the blog.  In the mean time, is there anything thrifted you would like me to check out?  Leave me a link in the comments, or tag your post #ThursdayThrift so I can find it and add it here.  Until next time, happy thrifting!

striped shirt 2

shirt – Ambiance Apparel  || skirt – Old Navy || shoes – Doc Martens

What have you thrifted lately?

Danielle Hewitt: The Thursday Thrift on August 28th

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4 Replies to “A Thrifted Shirt for a Busy Day”

  1. That is a great shirt. I have so many shirts now days. When I get this chemo behind me I sure hope I can have a closet selling time and sort through my most wanted and loved and let the rest go on to some one else’s destiny. LOL


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