Good morning!  That is if it is morning where you are.  I’m back to my regularly scheduled Friday post after a somewhat quiet week over here on the blog.  I needed some down time from the internet to catch up on things in my day to day life, and on the top of that list, rest.  I’ve been feeling out of it lately, and it was my week’s goal to catch up on sleep and spend a little more time just relaxing.  I think I did alright.  I am feeling way better today than I did on Monday, so goal complete!  In addition to more down time, I started taking some of the supplements that I had been neglecting lately.  The combination of the two, I think, has helped with how I am feeling today.  I am back to my normal self.

Before I get on with today though, here’s a recap of this week.

Sunday, we spent a little bit of time outdoors.  It was cold, but nice to be out.  We went for a short walk in the woods to see a beaver pond and then I spent some time taking pictures of birds.  (I’m saving those pics for another day.)  This day ended with me grading papers and then cleaning up the weekend mess of the house.


Monday, it was back to school from our week off and like I mentioned in my last post, it was busy!  Also, it was cold. P.S. – My kitchen doesn’t usually look as bad as it does in the above pic.

Tuesday, I had about all I could with my daily routine and felt as if I had not an ounce of energy left.  It was only Tuesday at this point, and I needed a break.  I decided right then and there after school that I wouldn’t be rushing home in my usual manner to get dinner ready and make it to the gym for my regular evening routine; but instead, an afternoon at a slower pace was in order.  Now that I had a little extra time in my day, I stopped into the fabric store on my way home looking for something that I did in fact need, but instead I found that all the clearance fabric had just been marked down to $2.37 a yard.  It was a nice little mood booster, and with nowhere to be anytime soon, I spent a little time deciding on which fabric to bring home with me.  I could have easily overdone it, but I restrained and came home with only these.  Decisions decisions…

Oh, and patterns were on sale too!

Wednesday was the morning we woke up to ice.  It was the first ice-coated morning of this winter, and it wasn’t that bad.  I love the way it looks, yes, but hate that it usually makes going out almost impossible.


This was not one of those bad ice days, and it didn’t take long for it to start melting away.  I got a late start, but this was the day I got some of my summer wine bottled.  From this first batch, we ended up with just over 22 bottles, which is now 21 because this evening, my guy and I had to open one up so he could taste it.


I am very happy with how this batch came out.  It is the second finished muscadine batch from our vineyard, and it is way better than the last.  I am making progress as a winemaker!

Thursday was mostly a school and grading day for me.  My energy level is more normal and I was back to being able to give my 100% at the gym again this evening.  My guy was home sick today though, so there was that.  I hope I don’t get what he had.  Or, maybe I’ve been fighting something myself and that’s why I’ve been feeling down lately…


Now for Friday.  We woke up to a little bit of snow.  The people who predict the weather are saying we’re expecting it all day, so let’s see how that goes.  My boy is with his cousin’s today and they are really hoping the weatherman gets it right.  They want a snow day for sure.  Me, I am happy being here at home, and since we are calling it a snow day, I will feel no guilt taking advantage of my time stuck indoors and I plan to do a little sewing – finally.


That is all I have for today.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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