I know it isn’t Friday anymore, but this post was intended as my Friday post, so for me, it doesn’t matter what day it really is right now.  I got behind last week – with everything!  I don’t even know how it happened.  I was busy the whole week, but it seems like nothing that I wanted to get done got done.  Probably being away from home three days out of the five had a little something to do with it.

It was our winter break and I had high hopes of organizing, bottling wine, and taking care of my hair, in addition to grading papers and making a dress.  Out of all of those things, I organized one cabinet in my bedroom, went through some clothes, got my hair cut -which I am not happy with – and that was about it.  What else did I do then?  Like I mentioned, I spent lots of time away from home.  I was visiting friends and it was nice not to have a schedule or to feel like I had to rush home to be somewhere, or do something else for once.

Currently, I am a little annoyed about my daily journal situation, so as it goes now, I am making every effort to use these Friday posts (that sometimes happen on Monday) as little reminders of what I was up to each week – as unspecific as they may be.  What happened is that I couldn’t find the daily journal for 2016 that I wanted from Amazon.  Can you believe that?  It’s not on Amazon, how could it even be… And I haven’t had the time to make it to an office store where I am sure I will find one.  Walmart just won’t cut it for that item – I know cause I’ve looked – and Walmart is all this town really has.  In the mean time, in addition to my Friday blurbs of the week over here, I am making due with a regular old undated, notebook-style journal that I have.  I wrote most of my 2008, and then a little bit of 2010 in it, and since there is plenty of room for 2016, I thought I’d use it temporarily.  It was really taking me back in time the other night when I was reading about all that had gone on those years.  I had a little boy back then that played with cars.  Now, this young man of mine is talking about driving them.  Eight years really went by too fast!

around this time of the year in 2008
Around this time of the year in 2008.

Well, someone had to show him how to take a proper selfie.
Well, someone had to show him how to take a proper selfie.
Well, enough of that.  I don’t want to get all emotional, and I was just pointing out why I didn’t skip this post that is already several days late.  As far as today, we were back to our regular school schedule after our week off, and just like a normal Monday, it has been a busy one.  I am briefly catching up here before I get ready for tomorrow and finish up what needs to be done around the house to be able to call it a day.  I have my mind set on getting more sleep this week, I really need it, and that starts tonight…

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