Vacation Journal // Ski Santa Fe: Days 2-3

ski santa fe

Days 2 and 3 started much like day one: an early morning breakfast then off to Santa Fe and up the mountain.  Only these two days, we already had our gear in hand.  Day 2 was the day that Stephen switched the skis for the snowboard, and once that happened it didn’t take long before we were up at the top of the mountain.  It really was such an amazing view!  There was one run in particular, that I happened to like the most, that had this view pretty much the whole way down, it was breathtaking.

mountain view

The crowds were minimal both days, Tuesday being the one with the least amount of people and Wednesday probably being senior day – a lot of older folks on that day, but still not very many.

that view

love these guys

Day 2, Tuesday, was probably our best of the three.  We just kept on going.  The boy had his go-pro with him and it was fun taking little bits of video clips here and there.  He also thought video recording was the perfect reason to try and get in a few tricks.  I was worried he was going to hit a tree, but he did just fine – no broken bones whatsoever.  Black eyes, on the other hand… Well, my boy wasn’t the one who ended up with the black eye, and it wasn’t me either.

thumbs up

it ended up looking much worse than this the next morning

We could have said that that mountain got the best of him, but he got up, and just kept going.  We finished this day a bit earlier than the first and had plenty of time to make it back to our home base and out for a nice dinner with some of my family.

dinner with the cousins

Day 3, Wednesday, was probably the most laid back of the three.  We made our way to the top of mountain first thing because this was the best time to be up at the top.  Even though there weren’t a lot of people, what people there were, ended up here in larger amounts after lunch.  We made sure to enjoy every minute of this day since it was going to be our last one on the slopes for the season.

mountain drinks

hot cocoa break

After lunch, the boy thought it was time to try out a few tricks.  We found where the ramps and slide things were and he gave it a go.  By this time we were all getting a little tired, so nothing too extreme was going to be happening from any of us.  We finished off the day through the trees a few times and then after turning in all our rented equipment, called it a week.

mountain view 2

It was great!  And this particular night we spent a little more time in Santa Fe before going back to where we were staying at my parent’s place.  We had a wonderful dinner with dear friends, and enough New Mexican food to make us smile.

red enchiladas

green enchiladas

I have one more day left to write about, and that should be up in a couple of days.  In the meantime, here’s a very short video clip compilation that google photos spit out for us.  It’s nothing too fancy, but kind of neat to look back on.

I’ll be back with more soon.