For many it was Second Sunday last Monday – well, that’s what I like to call a Monday off anyway.  This day last week my guy was home, I got to sleep in, and even though the boy and I still had plenty of school work to catch up on, it was a day off so we were in no hurry.



After a good part of the tedious written work was done, and my guy had mowed the yard, we decided to take an afternoon break and head into town.  My neighbor had told me that there were some activities going on downtown that day, and that there would be booths and an old car show.  Funnel cakes and classic Corvettes was what I was hoping for.



When we got there it was a little disappointing to see only one booth left and only a couple of old cars still hanging around.  We got to Main Street a little too late.  I was kind of bummed, especially since we tried to go last year, but if I am remembering right it was rained out.  I was still happy though, this time we at least made it.  It was nice to get out of the house for a little bit, and I always love a good excuse to take some random, and goofy, pictures.



I guess there might be next year; maybe we will try again.

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